Why It Is Misogynistic To Call A Woman A “Pick-Me Bitch”

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ccording to modern feminists any woman that disagrees with them is a “pick-me bitch”. Yes, I have had this label placed upon me many times by keyboard warriors that know nothing about me.

Which is ironic… And here is why:

A “pick me” bitch is basically a girl who does things in an attempt to be noticed or picked by men. It’s a term used as a pejorative. This is next level stupid for several reasons.

First, it’s ironic. Feminism is about empowering women, yet modern feminists have no issue degrading women who hold a different viewpoint from them. Although tangent to our point, this is largely due to key differences between traditional and modern feminists. Traditional feminists were interested in equality, while modern feminists are simply interested in making women more powerful at the expense of others (mostly men, as well as women who disagree with them).

Second, I don’t need to speak to be picked. You cannot claim that I look like a “pick-me bitch” due to the evil “patriarchal” beauty standards (yes, please dehumanize me more…), claim men only objectify women and don’t care about what they say—while also claiming I need to speak to be picked. The incongruecy of thoughts is blatantly obvious. Voicing an opinion on something has no foundation in a desire to be picked by a man. I am an autonomous woman that has my own thoughts and the ability to formulate my own ideas. I also choose the way I look for me based on my desires and aesthetic preferences. Don’t assume I’ve been indoctrinated into pleasing men and lack autonomy. It’s rude and condescending because it I’m not a victim to a magical force that I do not have the capacity to understand.

Calling other women a “pick me” or using other derogatory terms like having “internalized misogyny” because they disagree with you doesn’t make you feminist, it makes you act in ways you claim to hate (anti-feminist). Your doublethink is palpable. Stop tearing other people down to suit your agenda. Questioning my motives doesn’t make you correct in your shortsighted labels that you place upon me. I will not submit to your ideology via your shame and gaslighting tactics.

Calling a woman a “pick-me bitch” is a misogynistic term by definition: the assumptions that a woman’s actions and words are only used to attract men + appeal to men. Quit using it to describe women who disagree with you. Level up and learn how to debate your ideas without resorting to lame ass character attacks and becoming what you say you’re fighting against.

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