Why Do Women Get So Much Hate For Wearing Makeup?

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Why is it that some people hate on other women for wearing makeup? Why do they believe it is “fake” and unflattering?

Let’s be real: people have been altering their beauty in culturally appealing ways throughout human history. Tattoos, body conforming, makeup, etc. The desire to accentuate your features through makeup is completely normal and societally acceptable. Even exercise would fit this profile, as many people exercise in order to have a better body.

And here’s the irony of all this: many of the people that degrade others for wearing makeup will take photos with filters and angles. What’s the difference? There isn’t any! There’s no difference between altering your image with makeup and altering your image with photo filters and angles.

Trying to improve the way you look is an art, be it makeup, getting tattoos, or going to the gym. The bottom line is owning what you see as beautiful or sexy is what enables true confidence. Playing small by conforming to what others perceive as beautiful only diminishes your uniqueness and perpetuates the idea that you must conform to be loved. You know what that leads to? Hate. Hate of other women who put effort into these endeavors, or anyone who is bold enough to give the middle finger to those attempting to shame them into conforming.

Subverting and rejecting expected behaviors can be positive—taking charge of yourself, embracing art in your everyday life, recognizing your strengths, and being confident enough to say I’m feeling myself, is in no way negative attributes. They are the key to your mental freedom.

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