Understanding the Impact of Labels on Child Development

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Refrain from using negative terms, even in jest, to describe your little ones.

Terms like “little shits,” “demons,” “bad boy,” “bad girl,” and any derogatory insults should be avoided.

Our young ones are in a formative stage until they reach approximately 7 years old.

They absorb everything they hear, embedding it in their subconscious. They cannot distinguish between humor and reality, so any derogatory remarks you make become part of their self-identity.

Of course, correct their behavior, but you don’t need to label them in the process. They aren’t adults and don’t have the same capacity to rationalize or reason like we can.

This is why extensive research indicates that physical abuse, such as spanking, is detrimental to their future development. They can’t comprehend why YOU, the person they depend on for survival and happiness, are causing THEM harm.

Children simply exist; they are still navigating the complexities of the world. Show compassion and love, and guide them.

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