Toxic Femininity

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Many of you are probably familiar with the term “toxic masculinity”, which refers to the stereotypical outwardly misogynistic male. This is the guy who treats women as lesser beings and doesn’t hide it.

It’s a real thing, but it’s far more rare than people think. Today, the term is used as a pejorative to dismiss any man who happens to disagree with a woman, similar to claiming that a man is “mansplaining” for simply expressing an opinion.

Western men, particularly those who are straight, white, and cisgender, are now demonized as harassers, abusers, adulterers, and the architects of an oppressive patriarchy. It’s bullshit.

What needs to be talked about is toxic femininity and misandry, which play a substantial role in creating toxic men. The current environment seeking to strip men of their manliness is inherently toxic and serves to create two types of men: (1) those that are fed up with the bullshit and become outwardly misogynistic, and (2) those that bow down and obey with resentment that manifests in more subtle forms of misogyny.

Toxic masculinity exists and these men don’t try to hide it. They are upfront about using and abusing women. It sucks, but it also isn’t something to be afraid of, because it’s so obvious that we can call it out and take measures to avoid it.

Here’s the thing: this type of man isn’t the primary assaulter of women. That position belongs to the stereotypical feminist “beta” males who have internalized their misogyny and put up a façade of anti-misogyny (or feminism) to hide it. These are the ones that get girls drunk to have sex with them, since they’d never have the opportunity to get laid otherwise. These are the ones that rape, that assault, that act irrationally out of sexual frustration due to toxic femininity.

What did you think would happen when you constantly talk down to men, take their manliness away, and tell them that being a man is inherently toxic? It triggers controlling, obsessive, and even homicidal behavior. It turns them into defenseless infants and predatory oppressors. It’s unhealthy for society.

What we need is to destroy toxic femininity. We need manly men. We need men to understand their societal role as protectors and providers. We need to stop the widespread emasculation of boys and men that toxic femininity and modern-day feminists promote. It’s doing more harm than good. It’s the true cause of so-called toxic masculinity.

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