The Problem With Social Activism

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Friendly reminder: it doesn’t matter what you are trying to promote, you should go about it by building everyone up rather than tearing them down.

There’s a huge influx of people that claim to be for the promotion of equality on a variety of issues, like those related to sex, gender, race, etc. Yet these people work by tearing “outsiders” down rather than by building up those they claim to stand for. That’s not activism, that’s extremism.

First example: feminism. Ideally, feminists would focus on building up other women, empowering other women, and promoting the idea that men and women are equal. Yet, many feminists are misandrists that work to tear men (and women who disagree with their methods) down rather than build women up. It’s not productive.

Second example: critical race theory (CRT). Ideally, CRT activists would look at issues clustering around race and address those issues. Yet, many ignore these issues entirely and focus exclusively on the irrelevant race factor, leading to regressive tribalism. As it stands, CRT is a neo-racist paradigm that fails to address any of the meaningful issues surrounding race because it doesn’t look past the surface of race itself and presumes skin color to be the issue.

Third example: trans-rights. Ideally, we would be focusing on the issues surrounding transgender individuals that prevent them from fully incorporating into society and facing discrimination. Yet, the focus is often rarely on transgender individuals and instead on perceived “enemies”. The focus is on tearing others down rather than building them up.

To make progress in social issues, we cannot use an “us vs you” mentality, we must use a “we” mentality.

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