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Working with Briana has been truly life-changing! Briana is smart, compassionate, and caring and her process is highly effective. She has a vast knowledge of supplements, nutrition, and health, and has surpassed many of my former doctors in those areas. She shared her knowledge in a plan that was customized for me.

Briana has been working with me to make healthier food choices, optimize macronutrients but there is so much more! She showed me the importance of managing stress, optimizing hormonal health, and improving the quality of sleep. She also motivated me to create a sustainable process of systematically tracking my progress.

In the past, I was never able to stick with any kind of nutrition plan longer than a few weeks, because I didn’t know how to plan for long-term success. I used to get overwhelmed or lost in the process of planning meals, tracking what I am eating, cooking. With Briana’s help, I’ve learned how to plan my meals, be efficient, and enjoy the entire process. She also carefully recommended the supplements that would best help me heal.

I have lost weight as a result, but the process is so much more than the numbers on the scale. Briana empowered me to trust myself that I can be nurtured with food and that I can do it long-term.

Last but not least, I struggled to get back into a workout routine after a long break during the pandemic. Each session with Briana increased my confidence that I can continue to improve my health following her suggestions and recommendations in the area of fitness and exercise. Now I am on my way to improving my fitness levels! Thank you, Briana!!!

Aida Mysan, New York City

I came to Briana to get my post baby weight off. My weight wasn’t budging for a long time. I had food sensitivities or at least I thought I did. Briana opened up a whole new world for me and I was able to introduce foods back into my diet without having the reactions that I used to have. I learned so much from her and loved how knowledgeable she is. In the beginning when I started with Briana, I had to reverse everything I was previously eating. She told me to trust the process and I did. She was very responsive when I asked a ton of questions lol and she helped me with food options which I loved. Thanks to Briana and her support, I lost 20 lbs after working with her for a few months and love this new lifestyle! I love that I’m not deprived and the food I’m eating is delicious and filling. I’m so thankful I found Briana to guide me through this process and make me feel and look my best!

Rebecca Ciocca

I am a mental health therapist that has worked with many other counselors, consultants, and coaches for years and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Briana Theroux. If you want a coach that has true expertise on body composition, nutrition, and personal growth, you are in the right place. I find Briana to be extremely knowledgeable in every facet you would desire in a coach. She is extremely smart, educated, personable, non judgmental, and direct. If you want real results in your personal life, hiring Briana is the best choice you can make.

Crystl Murray-Mills, MSW, LICSW

When I started with Briana 3 months ago I never thought I would be this successful.  I have always been thin, active, and healthy until an emergency surgery with complications, menopause, and covid hit all within 2 years. Being a medical professional, I appreciate her scientific approach. Everything she advises is science based. Briana provided me with weekly research articles and explanations that reinforced her program. I have lost over 30lbs in 3 months by following her plan. She is encouraging, positive, and realistic when building your personal plan. She has given me the tools to succeed and I am forever grateful.   THANK YOU!

Donna Ward

Briana has been an important healer in my journey. I was very damaged by a toxic body image culture that told me that I was not meant to achieve or could not achieve a body composition I wanted nor a body that supported the things I love doing simply because I became a mother. I was led to believe that I had to accept where I was postpartum and that anything else was unrealistic. Through expert nutrition and mental guidance leading to productive, sustainable dieting, I have reached the best health I have ever been in and I continue to improve. I have so much energy and it allows me to love and nourish myself and family (I’m still blown away by how much energy I have. You’d never know I’m up every few hours taking care of the baby). Trainings are far more productive, powerful, and enjoyable. I’m excited to see the progress I’ll continue to make. 

I’ve learned more than just dieting- I have learned how to support my body for years to come throughout the various circumstances life will throw at me. After a horrible pregnancy with hyperemesis gravidarum, a brutal delivery, and a rough recovery, I truly feel that reclaiming my power to heal my mind and body has been the best gift to myself and my daughter. I no longer believe I am a powerless victim, but rather a confident, healthy, and powerful woman.

Savannah Welna

I worked with Briana over the last few months and I think the combination of her theoretical knowledge and lived experience make her truly unique. There are a lot of people who have studied and understand the theory of nutrition, sleep optimization, reducing alcohol or food addiction but Briana can give you her own lived experience in successfully beating all of these things. I found her style of being both empathetic but being direct at the same time extremely helpful in my journey. She has changed my life for the better and I am glad that I found her and decided to work with her.

Client Name Kept Anonymous

When I started working with Briana, I was drinking to inebriation daily and had been for 15 years. Despite numerous attempts to reduce my drinking, I couldn’t envision quitting completely. It was a solitary struggle filled with shame, regret, and unhappiness. After years of hiding my battle, I rejected the label of a lifelong alcoholic, which led me to Briana. She offered hope and a new perspective that didn’t see me as doomed to be an alcoholic. With her support, I embarked on a 90-day alcohol-free commitment. Despite my doubts, Briana’s encouragement and a structured program of diet, exercise, and regular check-ins transformed my life. Not only did I stop drinking, but I also embraced a life where I have the freedom to choose. I am immensely grateful to Briana for the profound impact she’s had on my life and those around me.

Dave K.