Supplements for ADHD: Enhancing Brain Function and Mental Health

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In this installment from my ‘Ask Me Anything’ series, which you can find on my social media channels, I delve into the topic of supplements and medication resistant ADHD

“What supplements would you recommend for brain and mental health improvement in someone with medication-resistant ADHD?”

There are so many amazing supplements that optimize brain function and mental health, and these effects will definitely carry over into ADHD too. To start, though, let’s consider that ADHD is primarily a condition of dopamine and serotonin deficits, which regulate attention, motivation, impulsivity, and memory, among many other things.

So, my first advice would be to correct these deficits. You can take tyrosine and velvet beans (for L-DOPA) to help supply your body with more dopamine, and 5-HTP for serotonin. The doses here would be pretty variable and dependent on you as a person, so I’d recommend starting with lower doses (200 to 500 mg) and increasing over time to determine a good effective dose.

Caffeine also seems to be a common thing among those with ADHD. It seems to work similar to many ADHD medications by “balancing” neurotransmitters and thus helping reduce symptoms. There’s a lot of evidence showing that caffeine benefits the mental health of those with ADHD, so coffee habits are probably just a form of self-medication.

For optimizing brain function, I’m just going to make a list of things that I’ve found to be very helpful for myself, while also having a decent base of clinical data supporting their efficacy.



Methylated B-complex


Fish oil


Vitamin D



Acetyl L-Carnitine

Bacopa Monnieri

Hope this helps!

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