Radiant Beauty: My At-Home Beauty Care Must-Haves

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As I near my Queen era, I’m consistently asked what I do for my face to keep it so fresh.

For any newbies here, I encourage you to look back on my prior posts about why beauty isn’t superficial and why I focus any energy on beauty pursuits. It’s intimately tied to Divine universal energy and my deep appreciation for the gift of life. To deny beauty is to deny our true essence—our Divinity. Aesthetics is the art of expressing the full beauty of the human form.

My primary goal isn’t to look younger.

My primary goal is to keep my vehicle (my body) for this human experience looking as radiant as possible, all while expressing myself.

As many of you know, I do more invasive cosmetic treatments and have for years. I won’t be going over those today. Instead, I wanted to share my home devices. I’m not sponsored by these gadgets, nor do I get any sort of kick back from talking about them. I just love them!

My three must haves for at-home beauty care are as followed:

Joov Red Light Therapy Panels: Red and near-infrared light devices are critical for radiant beauty because they stimulate collagen production, smooth wrinkles, improve skin texture and hydration, and increase resilience against environmental assaults (like sunlight!). I use my Joov panel five times per week on most of my body, particularly my chest.

ENEO TOTALÉ: This is another red and near-infrared light device, but one specially designed to be used on the face. It’s an FDA certified wrinkle-reduction anti-aging medical device that penetrates more deeply into the dermis of the skin and can be used effectively with topicals. I use this several times weekly, previously using the ENEO ADVANCED (recently upgraded thanks to Alex!).

EvenSkyn Lumo: This is a radiofrequency device that emits sound waves to stimulate collagen, tighten facial muscles, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve been using it once a week for the last several months with notable improvements. Another gift from my sexy. Speaking of ladies, find you a man who makes notes on things you mention off hand and gifts them unexpectedly.

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