Owning Your Confidence

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People often mistake my confidence for arrogance, my selfies for attention-seeking, and my bold style for ostentation. However, I remain dedicated to expressing my true self.


Is it because I am indifferent to others? Absolutely not. I hold a deep respect and affection for most. However, I firmly believe that their ideas and values should not dictate my behavior. Conforming to others’ expectations would breed resentment within me, and it would not be their fault. It is my choice to adapt to fit their mold, and I choose to remain true to myself.

I genuinely love who I am and do not seek validation from others to affirm my existence. I am unapologetically myself, embracing all my flaws and imperfections.

If you love me, I reciprocate that love wholeheartedly. If you dislike me, that is perfectly fine too; pursue your own path, and I will still send you love and positive energy.

This confidence, however, was not always innate.

In my formative years, there was a pervasive notion that displaying confidence would be perceived as arrogance and self-centeredness. I was taught to play small, as we all are. Society often equates modesty with humility and regards any display of self-assurance as boastfulness.

Yet, there is a significant distinction between confidence and arrogance.

Arrogance suggests a sense of entitlement—a belief in one’s superiority over others. It is an inflated sense of self-worth that diminishes the value of those around you. I reject this notion entirely. On the other hand, confidence is recognizing that you are worthy, capable, and strong. It is grounded in self-awareness and self-acceptance, not in comparing oneself to others.

Challenging and rejecting societal expectations can be profoundly liberating. Embracing your strengths and confidently expressing yourself are acts of self-love and self-respect, not negative traits.

Society often pressures us to be self-deprecating, to deflect compliments, and to reject praise to avoid seeming arrogant. From a young age, I learned that genuine confidence often displeases people, creating an unspoken shame around being the best version of oneself. We are conditioned to downplay our potential so that others do not feel inadequate. We pretend to be less than we are, feeling the need to justify our greatness when discussing our lives.

Diminishing your gifts helps no one. Embracing your brilliance does not diminish anyone else’s worth. Radiating hope and positivity in a dark world is a profound act of courage and kindness. By recognizing and celebrating our strengths, we inspire others to do the same.

So, the next time you feel the urge to play small and blend in, that is precisely when you should speak up and shine brightly. It is challenging, and some people may not like it—but they do not have to. Your confidence should not be contingent on the approval of others.

Confidence is about owning your light. It means being yourself and appreciating who you are. It is laughing at your own jokes because you find them funny, admiring yourself because you look fantastic, and giving compliments freely to uplift others, without seeking anything in return. Validation from others is unnecessary when you are secure in your own self-worth. True confidence radiates from within and does not rely on external affirmation.

Confidence Defined:

  • Self-Acceptance: Love who you are, including your flaws. Genuine confidence starts here.
  • Intrinsic Validation: Your worth comes from within, not from others’ opinions.
  • Be Authentic: Authenticity breeds confidence. Being true to yourself is powerful.
  • Reject Societal Pressures: Confidence and humility can coexist. Don’t let societal norms push you into self-deprecation.
  • Inspire Others: By embracing your strengths confidently, you inspire others to do the same.
  • Stay Resilient: Not everyone will appreciate your confidence, and that’s okay. True confidence includes resilience in the face of criticism.

In embracing these principles, we don’t just transform ourselves; we create a ripple effect. By celebrating individual strengths and encouraging self-confidence, we build a world where authenticity is valued, resilience is admired, and everyone is inspired to reach their full potential.

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