Navigating Social Events When Dieting

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How do you navigate social events with friends and family when you’re trying to diet?

First and foremost, establish hard lines. You need to develop rules for yourself that let you make decisions easily without a lot of willpower until those actions become habitual.

If you don’t have hard lines, then you’ll continue to feel conflicted with your choices. “Should I, shouldn’t I?” Cognitive dissonance anyone? That doesn’t happen with hard lines. “No, I shouldn’t” is the only viable option when hard lines are in place.

Think of something utterly disgusting to eat, like say, a piece of dog shit… You don’t sit there and go back-and-forth on whether you should eat just a piece of it, you obviously wouldn’t touch it. That’s a hard line.

I know, an extreme example, but an obvious one.

It’s fine to take a break from your dieting rules every once in while, but you need to make the choice as to whether that works for you. If you aren’t a moderator, or feel like crap when you eat certain foods, then just stick with your rules and don’t take breaks.

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