Life Is A Subjective Experience That Can Not Be Denied Or Negotiated

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What most of us refer to as objective data is subjective. That matrix shit y’all. Stay with me…

Life is a subjective experience and that cannot be denied or negotiated. I know that every experience I have is filtered through my own personal unsharable viewpoint. Hey biases, there you are.

Being aware of this also helps me to keep my damn ego in check when my brain wants me to believe I have special knowledge. There can be no peer reviews of my direct experience, no real corroboration, no objective measure of my perspective. Sure, I can solicit external opinions but check this; they will never be able to filter in a way that is suitable for me.


They are operating from their subjective ideas of the world as it is—which is often in conflict with how I see things. This right here is also why I rarely give much thought about those who claim to have found the panacea for whatever. I’m more of a “we’ll see” type of girl. After all we are just a compilation of our life experiences, indoctrination, values, and personal priorities.

Nothing more, nothing less.

This has some major implications for how I have chosen to live and direct my life. The first shift—I realized I must trust my own personal experience. Nobody else has this angle, and only I have this exact viewpoint. No one else has an obligation to see things as I do. I am my own rainbow. The second—I feel more peace knowing that everything I see as objective facts are constructed by my mind. Perception check. With this I can own my beliefs and change them if they are bringing me more pain than pleasure. If I thought they were indeed objective facts I would be a slave to outdated belief systems.

The constructs in my mind depend solely on the data I’ve reviewed; media I expose myself to; the books I’ve read; the humans I’ve let interject; and the experiences I’ve had.

Subjectivity is first-hand experience, and it is indeed real fucking life… to you.

Objectivity is something each of us tries to build in our pretty little minds but will never achieve. We do this privately in order to explain and make sense of it all. But alas, as I’ve pointed out, it’s never really objective data as seen in a measurable manner. This truth has mind bending implications. Alas, only a small amount of humans will be able to grasp this concept and I have zero desire to force this upon anyone. Validating an experience is fine if everyone involved knows that it was subjective—and could be shifted with one new piece of data from someone else’s perspective.

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