Kiddos & Whole Food Diets

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Many people in an attempt to feed their kidlets a healthful diet, run into some fairly substantial issues. In this video we cover what the common mistakes are and how to circumvent these issues.

We cannot apply the same tactics to children as we do to adults, for example, tight control of foods, high volume low calorie options, low variety, and lower fat.

First of all, children are rapidly growing and need a lot of calories relative to their body weight. It can be challenging to feed them enough calories from a whole-foods diet because they can’t eat a lot of food volume and are picky AF.

Depending on what food you make for them, it can take as little as 20 minutes to make some high-calorie treats. I have a lot of experience here, so if you need any ideas hit me up!

Conclusion: You can’t feed children in the same way you want to be eating if you want them to thrive. Low calorie high volume foods are absolutely not what a child should be focusing on. Children need fats and hyperpalatable foods, of great quality of course (not Doritos), to ensure that they get their calories in.

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