It Is Your Responsibility To Communicate Boundaries

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We all have boundaries, but sometimes we forget to communicate them. When that happens, we can feel overwhelmed when those boundaries are crossed. But you can’t really expect others to know what your boundaries were if you never told them!

Here are four common boundaries many people forget to establish:

  1. You let others vent about their problems without telling them you can’t handle the emotional burden.
  2. You never say no. It can be hard for those of you who are people pleasers, but you need to take care of yourself first.
  3. You become others’ therapist when you have no desire to chronically help others through their life problems.
  4. You are scared of being mean, being interpreted in poor lighting, or getting bad publicity. You need to be authentic and not worry about how others interpret you.

You are responsible for setting your own boundaries. You need to tell people you can’t handle their emotions, you have to be able to say no, you have to establish that you can’t be someone’s life therapist all the time, and you can’t be scared of people misinterpreting you because you are being authentic.

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