Is Your Public Mask Ruining Your Mental Health?

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We’ve all worn masks to hide our true selves. It’s an evolutionary drive to desire belonging to groups and tribes, so it’s perfectly normal to try and “fake it” as a means of earning acceptance by the masses. That’s why many are shocked when someone steps outside of this paradigm and wears their true self exposed.

But what exactly is the best option of navigating life? Manipulating others via acting in a way they want you to, or just doing you and letting your life long support system build around who you truly are?

I choose the latter due to it facilitating robust mental health, while diminishing cognitive dissonance that drives many psychological disorders.

Wearing a public mask just causes us to be fearful of being who we really are. Everything we focus on grows, while that we ignore dies. If you focus on nurturing a false sense of self, your true self will slowly fade away, causing a lot of internal turmoil.

Next time you want to be fake and wear a mask, ask yourself: What am I afraid of happening if I’m authentic? Am I afraid of being rejected? Can I lean into the discomfort in order to support my long term happiness?

Here is a blog post I wrote awhile back on embracing our “shadow” self.

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