Is The Future Open Relationships?

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It’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t come across the ongoing debate on open versus monogamous relationships.

Which one is better?

More evolved?

More loving?

Which relationship design is more in alignment with how we are primally wired?

As many of us have heard it’s the new I’m better than thou and more spiritually evolved rhetoric in many circles.

But is there any truth to those beliefs?

We aren’t so sure about that…

One prevailing argument suggests that polyamorous relationships require a heightened level of consciousness compared to monogamous ones. This is due to the need to transcend primal mental states like shame, fear, and anger. Contrary to the claims of religious extremists, there is substantial validity to this standpoint.

However, we believe that the expansive consciousness operates on an inverse U-shaped curve, with relationship status on the Y-axis. As your consciousness and awareness of reality evolves, you may indeed move from low-level monogamous relationships to more open-minded polyamorous relationships. Yet, continued spiritual evolution will inevitably lead you back to monogamy for one simple reason.


Our energy is limited, and when it comes to spiritual growth, we must carefully allocate it in our interactions with others. Open relationships inherently divide this energy among multiple individuals, resulting in a smaller share for each. As finite beings, we find that monogamous relationships provide a focused energy investment, enabling us to cultivate a deeper connection that surpasses what is attainable in polyamory.

It is important to clarify that we do not imply the impossibility of forming multiple profound connections—we would never make such a claim. However, when it comes to the connection and mirroring necessary for the elevated levels of growth that many individuals seek on their spiritual journey, the intensity and depth of such experiences tend to be more pronounced when not diluted among multiple partners.

There’s also a fundamental misunderstanding of the ego and its role in open relationships. Many people think that polyamory is the transcendence of ego due to overcoming the shame and fear many people feel when dealing with love and intimacy. We believe, in all its irony, that this is an illusion created by the ego.

Let’s unpack that…

The immature ego often craves multiple partners, seeking constant excitement and the temporary thrill of neurochemical highs. The subsequent justification for these desires often revolves around surpassing the ego and overcoming the insecurities found in many monogamous partnerships.

One love, right?

While it is true that we are all interconnected and share a collective energy, how does that relate to viewing multiple bodies as mere objects? The manipulative power of the ego becomes apparent in this scenario, exerting its cunning influence.

Indeed, the ego can be quite deceptive, playing tricks on us with its sorcery.

Tricky bitch it is.

It will have you believing that you’ve transcended primal desires when the ego just become more stealthy and separates you from the source of love more—not less.

Genuine growth and awakening occur through profound connections with individuals who can truly reflect our shadows back to us frequently and relentlessly. In this context, monogamy enables sincere vulnerability, emotional growth, and profound moments of connection that stem from deep investment.

Monogamy holds profound spiritual significance as it represents a unified connection and the experience of oneness with the divine. Simply put in monogamous relationships, we find a symbolic reflection of our relationship with the primary energy source. It is considered a transformative path towards elevated enlightenment and liberation from the ego, where two hearts harmoniously catalyze each other’s evolution towards divinity. Ultimately, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, our deepest yearning is to embark on this sacred journey. Monogamy is not about sacrificing freedom, but rather about embracing genuine intimacy and allowing for moments of profound ecstasy, awe, and rapture to be shared and experienced.

Challenges in relationships are viewed as opportunities for healing, growth, and integration of spiritual wisdom. By consciously embracing monogamy, individuals can align with the light of source energy and embody greater love in their soul essence.

In contrast, challenges within polyamorous relationships are frequently approached with an inclination towards escapism. When faced with difficulties, it becomes convenient to abandon or limit time with one partner and rely on the safety net provided by others. The ego tends to gravitate towards the path of least resistance, favoring the abandonment of problematic relationships under the reassurance of security in another. Consequently, true personal growth remains elusive, as enduring and overcoming difficulties are never truly experienced.

In a sacred union, two individuals experience a profound intertwining where their expressions merge, forging a deep and lasting connection. They become intricately woven into each other’s neural networks, entwined in a bond that endures. When energy is divided among multiple partners, we may sacrifice the profound depths we can reach in a monogamous relationship, where our energy is undivided and fully invested in one another.

Monogamy holds significance in valuing and honoring one’s own needs, while remaining receptive to the worthiness and adoration offered by a committed partner. Whether it involves recommitting to an existing relationship, making room for an authentic and evolved partner, or nurturing one’s own heart, monogamy is regarded as a pathway to embrace the LOVE and foster personal as well as collective spiritual expansion.

It is crucial to acknowledge that neither monogamy nor polyamory should be morally judged; they exist independently of the ego’s inclination to use a label maker to mark things as right or wrong. We all have unique preferences and boundaries when it comes to relationships and spiritual growth. Regardless of the path one chooses, the key lies in cultivating intention, awareness, and self-love while sharing oneself with another.

What we are suggesting is that if you aspire to optimize or streamline your spiritual journey, the steadfast mirror of monogamy becomes a vital element.

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