How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

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What if we told you that you could reverse type 2 diabetes?

You’d call BS, right? Well you would be wrong!

You can absolutely reverse type 2 diabetes under the right circumstances.

All it requires is fat loss.

The fundamental cause of type 2 diabetes has been described as the Twin Cycle Hypothesis, with the two cycles involving the liver and the pancreas. When you exceed your personal fat threshold, you begin to store fat in skeletal muscle, the liver, and the pancreas, causing these tissues to become insulin resistant and dysfunctional.

In other words, when insulin resistance becomes too great, we start to see an accumulation of fat in the liver and pancreas that leads to a chronic increase in blood sugar levels that eventually becomes the disease known as type 2 diabetes.

As such, fat loss gets to the root of the problem. This has been beautifully demonstrated in a series of studies by Roy Taylor at Newcastle University: Counterpoint, Counterbalance, and DiRECT, all of which showed that just 2 months of dieting on 800 Calories per day causes a reversal of type 2 diabetes provided one’s pancreas isn’t too damaged and can restore normal function.

Most people would tell you that you need to stop eating carbohydrates, but that’s completely bogus. That doesn’t reverse type 2 diabetes, it simply masks it like a Band-Aid masks a wound.

Allow me to explain with an analogy many of you may be familiar with: the autoimmune Celiac disease. If you take someone with Celiac disease and remove the gluten from the diet, then is their disease gone or simply being managed by the dietary changes? Can they go back to eating gluten without any problems popping up?

No, they can’t. In order to reverse Celiac disease, you can’t just remove the insulting component of the diet, you must address the disease processes, which in this case would be preventing the autoimmune attack against the intestinal cells when gluten is consumed.

Similarly, in order to reverse type 2 diabetes, you can’t just remove the dietary carbohydrate that raises blood glucose and insulin levels, you have to address the disease processes, which in this case would be removing fat from the liver and pancreas and restoring fat cell functionality, all of which requires fat loss. If you don’t lose fat, then eating a low-carbohydrate diet is just symptom management, just like how eating a gluten-free diet is symptom management for Celiac disease.

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