How To Raise Your Level Of Consciousness

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I was recently asked, “How does one raise their level consciousness?”

To answer that, we need to first define “consciousness”.

Consciousness is essentially awareness of one’s psyche leading to the evolution of mind and spirit.

When we talk about raising our level of consciousness, we are talking about becoming more aware of our ego and choosing to act from a place of love where all beings are one.

This can be challenging. I have personally found the following processes to help with my own journey.

(1) Self-reflection and mindfulness practices such as meditation, journaling, or introspection. By creating moments of stillness and observing our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without judgment, we cultivate a deeper awareness of our inner landscape and conditioning.

(2) Seeking wisdom through exploring various philosophical, psychological, and spiritual teachings that shed light on the nature of consciousness and the unconscious mind. Read books, attend workshops or conferences, and engage in conversations with knowledgeable individuals, especially elders whom you respect—respect is essential here because not all elders are respect worthy if they haven’t done the work themselves (think drunk uncle Don).

(3) Shadow work. Acknowledge and embrace the aspects of ourselves that reside in the shadow—the parts we tend to ignore, deny, repress, or project onto others. Shadow work involves facing and integrating these hidden elements through self-compassion and self-acceptance of all that is deemed unworthy of love. This process can lead to a more holistic understanding of ourselves and the unconscious forces that influence our thoughts and behaviors.

(4) Understanding your personality tendencies. Personality typing, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the Big Five personality traits, can provide valuable insights and support personal growth regardless of what nay-sayers claim. Personality typing offers a framework for understanding your own tendencies, preferences, and behaviors. None of this is absolute, either. Personality is a spectrum in which we fall and it’s akin to reading tea leaves if you don’t know how to appreciate nuance. I hold astrology here too. Sure, you uber linear thinkers can “debunk” it all you want (not helpful to anyone anywhere by the way), but that’s because you don’t understand the utility of having frameworks to reflect upon regardless of scientific validity. Belief is powerful. Go study that for a few years and get back to me. Also, not everyone has $300 an hour to work with a professional. Let people unravel + reflect on their own if they can’t make therapy work… mmmk.

(5) Dig into your creativity through various methods. Tap into your creative potential through art, music, writing (my most fave), or any form of self-expression. Creativity allows for a direct channel between the conscious and unconscious realms—allowing us to lean into a deeper understanding and integration of hidden aspects of the self. The only way I can dip into my emotions is via writing (literally). I’m a complete robot otherwise, so this is absolutely fundamental for me to evolve. Why? Our emotions show us what we value. Values are either rooted in 1) Universal truth, 2) Conditioning. I need to see them on the screen or paper to enable a choice in behavior, rather than being on autopilot and hoping for universal truth to be lived out by happenstance.

Remember, the journey of raising consciousness is a personal and ongoing unraveling.

It’s why we are here y’all.

To unravel into a deep love if we do choose.

The LOVE is our ultimate path.

This is raising consciousness.

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