How To Achieve Satiety In A Meal

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How many times have you heard this: when it comes to satiety, protein > carbohydrate > fat?

It’s true, to an extent, as high-protein diets lead to spontaneous reductions in food intake compared to high-carbohydrate or high-fat diets.

However, the important mediating variable is food choice!

Beans are just as satiating as meats despite different macros because the food structure and fiber helps offset the lower protein content.

  1. Meats are more satiating than protein shakes
  2. Whole grains and legumes are more satiating than refined grains and sugary beverages
  3. Nuts and fatty fruits are more satiating than butter and oils

Food structure matters regardless of the macronutrients! Obviously, different individuals will have different preferences and responses to foods as far as satiety goes, but the fundamental tenant holds: whole foods are more satiating than refined foods.

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