How Do You Get Your Friends To Eat Healthier?

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How do you help friends who have done every fad diet in existence, yo-yoed, and glaze over when you try to explain anything to them about the science of fat loss?

Well the answer is relatively simple…

Don’t stress!


You can’t control others.

Focus on controlling yourself and your environment. Focus on setting an example.

If they join you for dinner, don’t change what you cook. They can pick and choose what to eat, but you need to stick with your beliefs on what’s best. If you’re constantly attempting to accommodate every need of every human, you will end up stressed and resentful. There are caveats to this in regards to serious food allergies, but otherwise one meal shouldn’t be a reason to stress. Gatherings are meant to be social and not a dietary religious event.

In the end your meal choice may end up stimulating some discussion about why you are cooking or eating in a certain way, but if not just lead by example. If they see you succeeding, they’ll want to know how eventually. If they don’t take an interest, then they probably don’t care about fat loss to begin with and the worst thing you can do in terms of relationship sustainability is preach to them.

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