Food Quality & Why It’s More Important Than You Think

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Paying attention to the calories and macronutrients you get from food is valuable from both a health and body composition standpoint, but it cannot be the only thing you focus on.

The food matrix supplying the nutrients is critically important in determining how a food will impact you. There are several basic examples that illustrate this point:

  • Nuts provide less fat and calories than the labels suggest because they are trapped within strong cell walls that require sufficient chewing to break down. If you don’t chew your nuts well, then you won’t extract all the energy and any nutrients that come with it.
  • Cooking and cooling starches like potatoes and rice leads to the formation of resistant starch, which isn’t digestible and doesn’t provide the same energy as eating these foods freshly cooked.
  • High-heat cooking methods (broiling, flame cooking) used on meat produce several potentially harmful chemicals like heterocyclic amines and advanced-glycation end-products, while gentle cooking methods (stewing, boiling) do not.

Despite what many IIFYM proponents claim while mainlining pizza and Pop-Tarts — it is myopic as fuck to focus only on calories and macronutrients.

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