Five Ways To Spot Passive Aggressive Behavior

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Nobody likes people that are passive aggressive because it’s wastes everyone’s time and is a shady way around being honest. We hit on the downfalls of being passive in yesterdays video, but wanted to help point out ways you can recognize passivity in yourself and others.

  • Back-handed compliments. This is the most stereotypical type of passive-aggressiveness. It’s when you can’t simply be happy for another’s success, so you try to take them down a peg with sarcasm.
  • Unfriendly speaking tone or body language. Your actions speak louder than words, and the way in which you convey message through your tone of voice or body language say a lot about how you feel towards someone else.
  • Ignore someone rather than communicate feelings. This is literally the opposite of communication because instead of telling someone that you are upset and why you are upset, you give them the silent treatment. Obviously you’re upset, but it’s better for everyone if you just tell them.
  • Leaving others out of social events. If you don’t want to invite someone to an event, then tell them. Don’t just stop inviting them out while you invite 200 other people and act like you forgot. If they question what happened, just be honest with them.
  • Making commitments that you never intended on following through with. Just say no. Don’t make other people suffer from your unreliability because you were scared to say no and couldn’t set a healthy boundary.
  • Instead of asking for something, you imply that you want something. If you want something, then just ask!

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