Exploring the Link Between Obesity and Gut Dysbiosis

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In this installment from my ‘Ask Me Anything’ series, which you can find on my social media channels, I delve into the topic of obesity and gut dysbiosis

“How does obesity cause gut dysbiosis”

Pretty much anything and everything that we do impacts our gut. Most changes are benign, while others are distinctly harmful or beneficial. Obesity is one of those harmful things.

I know that obesity isn’t something you do, but it does fundamentally change our physiology and the landscape of our gut and body that the microbiome resides with. The primary way obesity does this is through modulating immune function and shifting it towards a chronic low-inflammatory state.

As a result, the microbiome within the gut is constantly dealing with an activated immune system that ultimately favors the growth of more pro-inflammatory bacterial species. Simultaneously, the gut barrier becomes weakened from the chronic inflammatory immune response, which leads to changes in substrate available for the bacteria to use as food.

And, of course, this relationship goes both ways. The dysbiotic gut exacerbates obesity complications through increased absorption of endotoxins and other inflammatory stimuli. Since obesity fundamentally alters the microbial landscape, fat loss is the solution to breaking this vicious cycle.

So hopefully this answers your question

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