Dairy; Friend or Foe?

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There’s a lot of misinformation about dairy in the health world.

First and foremost, individuality!

Everyone is going to respond to dairy differently, so you need to focus on how various forms of dairy impact YOU. For example, many people have a sensitivity to A1 beta-casein and can’t tolerate most dairy products because of the GI distress as well as the inflammation it causes. Yet, you may be able to tolerate A2 beta-casein since it doesn’t form the same opioid-like compound.

There is also a persistent belief that dairy causes cancer. NOT TRUE. Any form of protein can contribute to cancer growth because it is anabolic, but that’s not specific to dairy. And no single food actually gives you cancer.

Similarly, the hyperinsulinemia response from dairy isn’t a concern for most people. Eating any form of protein or carbohydrate is going to stimulate insulin, and that increase is not inherently detrimental.

Finally, some forms of dairy, like cheese and heavy cream, but not butter, contain the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM), which benefits cholesterol metabolism in the body and neuromuscular signaling.

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