Vasopressin and Early Sex: Does Timing Affect Love?

In this installment from my ‘Ask Me Anything’ series, which you can find on my social media channels, I delve into the topic of sex and pair-bonding. “Do you believe having sex too soon squashes vasopressin in men, and does that affect their likelihood of falling in love?” I want to start with the second […]

Expressing Boundaries During Conflict

Have you ever had an argument where you felt the other individual is just dominating the entire interaction? I know I have. It’s a frustrating experience. But here’s a crucial insight: you can set boundaries during conflict. Doing so can help let your partner or friend know when you are starting to feel overwhelmed or […]

The Infamous Dirty Word: Narcissist

Narcissism is essentially the state of being egotistical, self-focused, and vain. Research shows that you can actually just ask people if they think they are a narcissist and their answer lines up pretty well with reality. That’s because they are proud of themselves. You can ask them directly because they don’t see narcissism as a […]

Evolving Together: The Path to Authentic Love

You don’t have to be perfect to create healthy love. This is a misconception I was ensnared by just a few years ago. At that time, I avoided any form of traditional relationship, not wanting to drag anyone into my tumultuous journey of healing. As a perfectionist by nature, I felt incomplete. There were habits […]

From Pain to Peace

When people hurt us, our first instinctual response is often a “fuck you to the moon and back” type of rage. We’ve all been there, and not reacting or taking personal offense to the pain inflicted is undeniably fucking hard. Especially when you genuinely did your best to be there for them—but your best will […]

We Must Break

I find myself in the midst of yet another curveball thrown by the universe—a profound deconstruction of my very essence. At this moment, I do not feel like I am thriving, nor do I believe that everything will simply work out. I am currently grappling with the harshness of reality, pushing back with all my […]

Owning Your Confidence

People often mistake my confidence for arrogance, my selfies for attention-seeking, and my bold style for ostentation. However, I remain dedicated to expressing my true self. Why? Is it because I am indifferent to others? Absolutely not. I hold a deep respect and affection for most. However, I firmly believe that their ideas and values […]

How to Prevent Trauma from Sabotaging Your Diet

You probably have impulse control issues. You probably crave all the foods that keep you from your goal body. You probably do things that make you think you have no control. To what extent you do these things… well that varies from person to person. Let’s discuss some of our brain structures and how they […]

The Nature and Power of Cravings

Cravings. The perennial challenge faced by those endeavoring to adhere to a diet. This seemingly uncontrollable impulse propels us towards indulgence in the most pleasurable, yet often deleterious, foods. Craving defined: an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing. Ask an individual about the foods they crave, and they will likely list a few without hesitation. […]

Exploring the Shadow Self: Embracing Denial for Personal Growth

Denial resides within our shadow self. What is the shadow self, you ask? It is the hidden aspect of our personality, encompassing all the traits and feelings we are ashamed of or reject. It lies dormant in our subconscious, only surfacing through deliberate self-reflection. Carl Jung, the eminent psychologist, defined the shadow as the unknown, […]