Can You Love Someone Unconditionally?

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Does unconditional love exist?

We believe it does.

We believe unconditional love exists because love isn’t transactional. Love is a chemical connection to another human and something that is not easily gained or lost. I think we can all agree that there is at least one person, be it a parent, a child, or a partner, that you will love forever. Even if they hurt or disappoint you, you’ll love them.

People often conflate love with relationships. They aren’t the same thing. Relationships are always conditional without exception. If the person you loved didn’t meet those conditions, then you may consider not being in a relationship with them anymore. But, you could still love them, even if you didn’t want to be tied to them via a relationship.

But, how can love be unconditional if you can just leave someone and forget about them?

Simply, not all love is unconditional. We can develop chemical romances with people that fade over time or end abruptly. This a different type of love than the rare and deep-seated unconditional love.

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