Actionable Steps When A Spouse Sabotages Dieting Efforts

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What should you do if your spouse keeps sabotaging your dieting efforts?

This is a common occurrence, where you want to diet and improve your body composition or health, while your spouse keeps bringing problematic foods into the house and doesn’t support your goals.

The simple solution (in theory) is to tell them to kick rocks. That might seem extreme, but you really have to ask yourself if being with someone who doesn’t support your goals is worth it? Now, obviously there could be practical barriers to this solution, so the next best thing is to try and find a middle-ground.

You need to talk to them. You need to figure out why they aren’t supporting your goals and how you can work together so that you’re both happy. This could be food substitutions, sticking with single-serve portions rather than bulk size, or using things like a food lockbox that could allow specific food access to them but not to you.

You need to be proactive and work to find a solution.

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