Briana Theroux

I combine Dynamic Eating Psychology with Mind-Body Nutrition practices to create a positive and empowering coaching style.

I was certified through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the world’s leading school in nutritional psychology, and have a decade of experience helping myself and others.

I am practical. I am results-oriented.

My work combines the powerful new fields of mind-body and clinical nutrition science, with an appreciation for you as an individual.

I will support you with coaching strategies and nutrition principles that are nourishing, realistic, sustainable, and get you the results you want.

I don’t see your eating challenges as a sign that “something is wrong with you,” but as a place where we can more fully explore the unique personal dimensions of your life that impact food choice and health.

Challenges tend to stem from work, money, relationships, family, intimacy, life stress, and so much more. My goal is to work with you on the areas of life that are most relevant, so as to show you how to most effectively achieve your goals, reclaim your health, and feel empowered to tackle whatever life has to throw at you.

For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food and diet. We’ve been told that we lack willpower or that we need more control. Most nutrition experts can’t agree on dietary principles and promote conflicting advice. The result is confusion — people are confused about what to eat and how to have a positive relationship with food.

I don’t subscribe to any one diet, method, or approach. I combine the best strategies from nutritional science and eating psychology to form a foundation, and then work with you as an individual to determine the most effective way to build upon it. By eliminating the “shoulds” and “should nots”, I focus on what’s right for your needs, desires, body, and preferences.

As we work together in this way, eating and health become a place of exploration.
Instead of seeing such challenges as the enemy, they become opportunities for growth and self- improvement. I will help you reach your goals through strategies that nourish, not those that punish.

Dynamic Eating Psychology is an empowering and transformational approach individually tailored for anyone who eats. Each of us has a unique, fascinating, and ever-changing relationship with food. Dynamic Eating Psychology affirms the importance of this relationship — it sees our challenges with eating and health not as an indication that we’re broken, but as a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve.

Traditionally, eating psychology has focused on those with clinical eating disorders. Dynamic Eating Psychology, though, is for everyone. It recognizes that our relationship with food is strongly influenced by other aspects of our life: friends and family, work, sexuality, our search for meaning and fulfillment, and so much more. Dynamic Eating Psychology teaches us important life lessons if we choose to listen.

Mind-Body Nutrition is an exciting advancement of clinical nutrition that explores the psychophysiology of how thoughts and feelings impact metabolism and health. It goes beyond classic nutritional science by focusing on the fascinating connections between brain, body, and behavior.

Simply put, what we eat is only one of many puzzle pieces to good nutrition. The others relate to who we are as eaters. Mind-Body Nutrition reveals how our stress, the relaxation response, breathing, awareness, and attitude profoundly influence metabolism and eating behavior. It offers an interconnected web of practical and results-oriented strategies to overcome any and all eating challenges and health issues we experience.

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