5 Red Flags Your Relationship Is Unhealthy

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Keep your eyes on these 5 red flags that your relationship is unhealthy.

1.) Your expectations are different. It’s normal to have differing beliefs in life, but if those differences exist in big issues like religion, politics, or your child’s education, then you’re probably not a good match. These types of differences in beliefs are a recipe for long-term arguments and fights.

2.) Your expectations are ridiculous. You cannot control other people and having such expectations is unhealthy. If, for example, your partner expects you to not go out with your friends on the weekend, then that’s a red flag. Similarly, if they desire things that you find disgusting or immoral, then that’s your que that this relationship may not be for you.

3.) You don’t promote each other’s interests. Healthy relationships involve mutual desires to promote and build up one another. That means making sacrifices for the good of your partner. If one of you can’t do that, it’s time to get out.

4.) There’s a lack of trust. Trust is a must in a healthy relationship. If one of you lacks trust, then that’s a problem. If your partner is untrustworthy because of past events involving you, then that is something both of you need to work on. However, if one of you cannot trust because of past trauma with other individuals, that’s a personal matter that requires attention. You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who projects their trauma distrust onto you.

5.) There’s a lack of respect. If there’s no mutual respect, there is no relationship. This doesn’t just present as one person being rude to one another, but also presents as one person being passively condescending and “superior” to another.

If you are someone who displays any of these, then you have work to do my friend. If you are someone who is with another human that displays these red flags, then those are signs to end things.

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